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What does mission look like? What does it mean to love and serve the communities in which we live? Part of the inspiration for Together events stems from examples of good practice elsewhere in the life of the Church, not least in the Newcastle Upon Tyne District, where 'Together Missions' began.

​So often, mission can be mistaken for 'activity'. To an extent, this is true, but mission is more than a timetable of events, social action, and invitation for people to consider how the Christian Faith might transform their lives. Ultimately, mission is about working out what God is doing and joining in. 

​When members of the Mission Support Group (MSG, formerly called MANGO) considered how we might encourage mission across the Northampton District, we recognized that Jesus' mission always had a personal dimension - He cared about people, listened to people, talked with people and argued especially with those whose words and actions were damaging others. Ultimately Jesus brought freedom from oppression, healing in all its forms, and shalom - community peace. Our vision is that these Together missions will not just result in a timetable of activities, but will foster a whole network of supporting relationships. The Methodist Church is a connexional church, meaning that we understand that no church or person can exist in isolation, and that God calls us, wherever possible, to work in partnership with others.


Two thirds of practising UK Christians say they've talked with a non-Christian about Jesus in the last month

One in five non-Christians say, after having a conversation with a Christian about Jesus, they are now open to an encounter with Jesus

 43% of the UK population say they believe in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead


Four in 10 (39%) aren't sure if Jesus was a real person who actually lived on earth

Just four in ten (39%) of all English non-Christians has had a conversation with a Christian about Jesus

For those non-Christians who have had a conversation with a Christian about their faith, 43% said that afterwards they "felt glad" they did not share the same faith as them

Statistics: Hope/Evangelical Alliance, 2017

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